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I believe in building a personal connection between families and caregivers in every service we offer – babysitters and senior carers.

I have always had a passion for working with people of all ages. Prior to launching JoyCare, I nannied for several years while simultaneously completing Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources. My goal for starting JoyCare was to make a personal connection between both the families and domestic employees. As a mother of three I understand how crucial unique help is for busy families.

I also believe that my past employment, degree in human resources, and being a mother allows me to value the perspective and importance of finding the best fit for your family. I am 100 % committed to making long lasting relationships and putting your family at ease in the grinding process of finding the best qualified, loving domestic employee.

We recruit babysitters, senior carers and household staff in Arlington Heights.
We help the families and the candidates to connect, this is our goal!

Dear Candidate,

As parents, we only want the best for our children. With this said, when you need a trustworthy babysitting agency in Arlington Heights, JoyCare is here for you. So, if you have a love for children and understand their needs, you may be just the babysitter that many families are looking for. 

At JoyCare Domestic Agency, we have all the babysitter jobs ready and waiting to be connected with highly qualified individuals like you. If you want to earn some extra money, gain valuable work experience, or simply love the benefits of providing childcare, consider JoyCare to help you achieve your goals as a nanny. We have different positions available, from weekend babysitting jobs, weekend babysitter, summer babysitting jobs, and babysitting jobs for teens in Arlington Heights. 

We make sure that candidates undergo a complete screening as well as personal interviews before being matched with a family. We also interview families to determine their needs and ensure a smoother transition for all as you begin with them through our babysitting agency.

Dear families,
JoyCare understands finding a reliable and a trusted babysitter is critical, especially for parents who are busy with their careers and other important matters every day. We are dedicated to helping you with not only childcare but as a loving hand that you can count on. JoyCare Domestic Agency’s primary goal is to build a connected community that helps families find the right full-time nanny, overnight babysitter, or even weekend babysitter in Arlington Heights. We screen our childcare candidate thoroughly and personally interview them so that they will fit the specific needs of a family.

Senior Carers & Home Care Assistance Arlington Heights
JoyCare always had a passion for working with people of all ages. Having said this, when it comes to your senior home care assistance in Arlington Heights, our team’s experience gives us the knowledge needed to provide essential services, such as caring for the elderly, senior home care, and long-term assisted living.

We aim to establish a strong personal connection between our professional senior carers and families. When looking for a senior caregiver near you, JoyCare Domestic Agency is here for you.

Household Staffing Arlington Heights

JoyCare is more than just a babysitting agency and senior home care assistance in Arlington Heights, we also provide families professional household staffing. We will offer you with an estate manager, personal chef, and household manager, to a butler, domestic couple, executive housekeeper, housekeeper, houseman, and chief of staff. Our agency handpicks each household staff assistant so that we know we can provide only the best solution possible to our valued clients.

When in search for the right candidates to help families find the service professionals they need, from babysitters to senior home care assistance and household staffing!

Caring for the Elderly

home care assistance

We offer a versatile team of professionals with experience, and it includes senior home care assistance in Arlington Heights. Our senior caregiver program will find the most qualified people for assisted living jobs from full-time to a few hours a day.

Household Staffing

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When it comes to your specific needs at home, JoyCare helps families find the best domestic help possible. We don’t stop providing babysitting service and senior home care services in Arlington Heights, and we also provide housekeepers, estate managers, personal chefs, and butlers. Our team will screen and recruit professionals from every home management field to fulfill your needs at home.


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We understand that it’s not an easy task to find a trusting babysitter for most parents. JoyCare Domestic Agency will take the stress out of finding the right person to care for your children. When it comes to your babysitter service needs in Arlington Heights, we provide a recurring part-time babysitter, nanny on a regular basis, and other needs that you may have. If you are a family in need of a weekend babysitter or overnight babysitter, give us a call today!

Complete Our Form to Contact JoyCare About Your Specific Situation

Dear Families,
We are here to make the process of finding domestic help as easy as possible for those families who need part-time babysitting services in Arlington Heights, a full-time nanny, in-home senior home care, or domestic help professionals. During our family consultation, you will find the answers you need to make a decision about who you hire and what services they can bring to your home. We are confident that your family will be happy with the services provided by our highly-qualified candidates.

If you need to find a babysitter to care for your children, JoyCare is here to provide the right solution. Whether it’s full-time or a weekend babysitter or even an overnight babysitter, all you have to do is fill out our form to find the perfect match for your schedule, family dynamic, and personality.

We do not stop in providing babysitting services or senior home care services. With busy families, they do not have the luxury of time when it comes to handling household duties. You can trust JoyCare to make sure that your needs are met for everything from housekeeping to a personal chef, or domestic couple. We are here to help you find the perfect solution that meets the needs of your household and family’s schedule.

JoyCare Domestic Agency aims to establish lasting relationships between families and candidates who provide such valuable babysitting services and home care assistance. With this, we handpick each candidate, ensuring that they meet our high standards as well as your requirements, giving you the best service possible. Call us today so that we can begin the process of finding you the right person for your needs at home!

Dear Candidates,
If you are having trouble finding babysitter jobs or may be looking for a position that utilizes your skills and love for children, our babysitting agency in Arlington Heights is here to help. We have a team that’s dedicated to helping qualified people to find the perfect babysitting job that is perfect for you. Our team will match you with the right household for senior assisted jobs as well as household manager positions, that include personal chef opening, housekeepers, butlers, and more.

We aim to build a lasting relationship between candidates and families that we serve. Our team will make sure your placement is the right fit for your skills and availability as well as the family that needs you. We will both consult you and the families so that we can make the best recommendations for you and for them. The positions that we have available are babysitting jobs for teens, weekend babysitting jobs, summer babysitting jobs, and nanny part time jobs in Arlington Heights.

Aside from babysitting jobs, we also find home care assistant professionals for families. Once we have assessed our family’s needs, we can recommend a senior caregiver like you, who matches their requirements. The family will get the expert they need and you will find the position that fits you skills perfectly.

Now, if you have exceptional household service experience, we can help find the right fit for your skills. Aside from babysitting jobs in Arlington Heights, we also offer household positions such as housekeeper, a personal chef, butler, or even domestic couples. When you have the professional skills, we have the opportunity for you. We respond to all applicants and will do everything we can to find the best placement that matches our qualification.

All of our interviews are handled online through Skype, so we make it as easy as possible. Give JoyCare Domestic Agency a call today and begin your career with a job that’s perfect for you!

What Families Say


I searched for a babysitting job for teens, and this agency in Arlington Heights helped me land my first job within a week after submitting my application! I already recommended this to my friends, and they have submitted their applications as well.

This agency in Arlington Heights 3

This is an excellent place to find a job within a short time. Thank you for finding me a fantastic family who considers me as one of them. I highly recommend this if you need babysitter jobs or even home care assistance.

This agency in Arlington Heights 2

If you need to find a babysitter, I highly recommend this agency. I can assure you how excellent the service they have. All of the babysitters that they provided me are great! It’s been an absolute pleasure to deal with them, and If I have more requests for babysitters or senior carers, I will most definitely be putting you forward.

This agency in Arlington Heights

When looking for a babysitting job near you, JoyCare is the agency that can place you with the perfect family. We will also match you with a senior caregiver or a home care assistant that will fit your skills.

When it comes to a full-service recruitment agency with the background and expertise that can find your ideal babysitting jobs, which include nanny positions, aside from that, we can connect you with the families that have senior assisted living jobs or senior carer positions available in Arlington Heights.

With that said, we do not only work to provide professionals with the job placements that they are looking for, but we also help find families the right people to manage their needs. We always strive to help connect our top-quality childcare, senior carer, and home care assistant with families that need such services. At our agency, we take pride in the help we offer!

babysitter needed near me

The most important for us is to help you and your family to find the best care. JoyCare reaches out to families that need help from a true professional skilled candidate who has a passion for their work, kindness, empathy, and the best possible service through a connection that endures from babysitting jobs to senior home care positions.

For Candidates

We ensure that qualified candidates are placed in a position that is a fit in terms of skills and schedule. When thinking of babysitting jobs near me in Arlington Heights, JoyCare is the solution.

Our recruitment team is always looking for appropriate candidates to fill all kinds of positions that fit a family’s needs. From weekend babysitter to overnight babysitter, we can find the position that best suits your skills best.

JoyCare’s goal is to match your skills and qualifications mutually beneficial to the family you serve. Give us a call today so that you will get the babysitting jobs and senior carer positions in Arlington Heights that you need.

For Families

If you need to find a babysitter in Arlington Heights that is reliable and trustworthy, we are here to help you. We work with candidates who have flexible schedules to suit the needs of any family. We provide different options for you from weekend babysitter to overnight babysitter in Arlington Heights. You trust in our team to thoroughly screen the candidates so everyone in your family can feel confident and comfortable about your selection. We conduct background checks on the most qualified people so that you can have peace of mind and get the best service possible. JoyCare can also match home care management experts in the family that needs it. No matter what your family may need, we got it for you!

Babysitters Jobs Lake in the Hills

Whether you are looking for babysitting jobs near you or babysitting services in Arlington Heights, JoyCare can help. We work closely with families in order to find exactly what they need, from overnight babysitter to other babysitting jobs. We conduct thorough background checks to potential candidates and a detailed personal interview to provide you with only the best services. JoyCare understands that children are the most important part of what we do, which is why we ensure that only the best matches are made.

Senior Caregivers and Families

When it comes to family, we understand that there are specific needs that they need to meet, old or young. JoyCare assists families in finding not only babysitting services but also caring for the elderly in Arlington Heights. We will the right match between families and senior caregiver candidates on a full-time, part-time, and 24-hour basis. Whether you need a senior home care specialist for your family or a professional who is experienced with caring for the elderly, JoyCare can find the perfect match for you.

Household Management Professionals and Families

When it comes to bringing together household management professionals, you can count on JoyCare to help the busiest families in the Arlington Heights area. We understand that every home can tend to get busy, making it challenging to keep up with specific duties, which is why we are here to provide you with the best possible assistance.

If your household has special dietary restrictions and a busy lifestyle, JoyCare will recruit skilled personal chefs to prepare meals as needed.

We can also match domestic couples to those requiring the help to maintain a home while it is left vacant for long periods. If you also have a bustling lifestyle, a household manager will be able to keep a family and a hold organized and on schedule with any household duties.

JoyCare also has estate managers and butlers that may be an excellent fit for households requiring more hands-on attention due to the size of each family member’s family, home, and schedules. We are dedicated to making the right match between a family and the domestic help that they need.

For those households that have special dietary restrictions and a busy lifestyle, JoyCare recruits skilled personal chefs to prepare meals as needed. From experienced butlers to executive housekeepers and cleaning staff, JoyCare has the solution for any family situation.

Ever since the beginning, Magdalena Konicek utilized her personal experience as a nanny, her Master of Business, Administration in Human Resources, and her time being a mother to understand the importance of proper home care assistance. We only work with the highest qualified candidates, who offer the help needed by families on a daily basis to make life easier. We only choose the best candidate for babysitters, housekeepers, personal chefs, household managers, butlers, and senior home care assistants in Arlington Heights to ensure every family’s best fit. Trust in our expertise to provide you only with the best service possible. Give us a call today to begin the process!

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From the start, Magdalena Konicek utilized her personal experience as a nanny, her Master of Business Administration in Human Resources, and her time being a mother to understand the importance of proper home care assistance. So at JoyCare Domestic Agency, we work only with highly-qualified candidates, who offer the help needed by families on a daily basis to make life easier. We handpick every professional match, including babysitters, housekeepers, personal chefs, household managers, butlers, and senior home care assistants to ensure the best fit for every family. Trust in the expertise that JoyCare offers in helping families find the help they need and professionals find the right placement for their skills. Call us to begin the process today.

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