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Dear Candidates,

As a professional, you want a fulfilling position that can make use of your specialized skills. You want a position that considers your love of children, your expertise in caring for the elderly, or your knack for house management. Perhaps you are having difficulty finding babysitter jobs. At JoyCare, we can help with all that. We are a team that is dedicated to helping highly-qualified individuals obtain employment that fits their skill set and personality. We can find the babysitting jobs near you by matching through our family matching process, and the same holds true for all our other available positions, not just babysitters. Let us match you with the ideal household for senior assisted living jobs, household manager positions like a personal chef, housekeepers, butlers, and others.

We aim to build lasting relationships between potential candidates and the families who need them. So it is imperative that your work placement is a great match for your skills, schedule, and the family that needs your help. Through our consultations with you and prospective families, we can determine the best fit and make the appropriate recommendations to serve both parties in the best way possible.

JoyCare has availability for all kinds of babysitter jobs, including a weekend babysitter, or even a full-time nanny. Simply allow JoyCare Domestic Agency to find the position that matches your expectations and fulfill exactly what you need for your position with respect to the right people, the perfect location, and the schedule you want.  

Since we offer more than just babysitter positions, your skills may be useful to families looking for senior home care professionals. After qualifying a family’s requirements, we may be able to suggest a senior caregiver with your particular skills and experience to match those needs. We’ll help the family find the expert to care for the elderly they need help with, while you find joy in the position that best fits your desires and skills.

As well, you may have household service experience that could be useful in one of our positions. With options available that include roles in housekeeping, personal chef, butler, or domestic couple, there is no shortage of placements that fit your skills perfectly.

JoyCare responds to every applicant, doing all we can to help locate the best job placement that’s right for you.  

We offer screening interviews via Skype, making it an easy process. So join JoyCare Domestic Agency in searching for the career your skills and personality will be best suited and call us today.

After pushing the “applications form” button you will be able to find and download the full form to apply for a job you are looking for. You will not need to search for a babysitter job again once you build lasting relation with JoyCare. We will set you up with the right babysitting job for your skillset. And if you don’t want to apply with the form, send us a quote of fees and services. Call us for more info.











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    I acknowledge that JoyCare Domestic Agency Inc. may request a reference check, which may include information on my character, general reputation, education, personal characteristics, driving record, police record, and past employment. I hereby authorize JoyCare Domestic Agency, Inc. to obtain any such information.*
    I acknowledge that I have read and understand this statement and that, to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is true and correct.*
    I agree to release and hold JoyCare Domestic Agency, Inc. harmless for any act of the employer. I also agree to hold the Agency harmless of any claim as a result of any placement in which I am a part.*
    I understand that any and all private information obtained about the employer or their dependents during the course of employment , including but not limited to medical, financial, legal, and career, are strictly confidential and may not be disclosed to any third party for any reason.*
    I understand that that the following are grounds for immediate termination: allowing the safety of the dependent(s) to be compromised, inconsistent or non-performance of agree-upon job responsibilities, dishonesty, stealing, misuse of family automobile, breach of confidentiality clause, persistent absenteeism or tardiness, unapproved guests, smoking or consumption of alcohol while on duty and use of illegal drugs.*


    By signing this application, I agree to pay one time placement fee of twenty five percent (25%) of my month gross compensation for the positions (excluding part-time housekeeper position) listed under the document called Schedule & Refund Policy to JoyCare Domestic Agency, Inc. in the event of obtaining a position through the agency. I agree to pay one time placement fee,upon successful employment for part-time housekeeper position in the amount of one month gross compensation or $300 whichever is greater. The placement fee is due no later than fourteen (14) days after the first day of employment.

    I understand that there is no fee due until I accept a position offered to me by a potential employer. I understand that there is a refund policy regarding a placement fee paid to the agency within the fist 30 days of employment if I lose the position through no fault of my own. The placement fee will be refund to me minus 25% the gross wages paid or the agency will replace the employment for no additional charge. If termination occurs during the first 30 days for reasons lined-out as grounds for immediate termination no refund will be made.

    I understand that no refund will be made for any reason after 30th day of employment.